Friday, 13 January 2012 00:00

Luis Guillen Convicted of Aggravated Rape and Three Counts of Aggravated Kidnapping

Luis Guillen Luis Guillen
On Friday, January 13th, 2012, a Shelby County Criminal Court Jury found Luis Guillen guilty of the December 2009 kidnapping and rape of his estranged 33 year-old girlfriend.Guillen, now age 25, was arrested and charged after the Memphis Police Department located him in an east Memphis apartment complex on December 30th, 2009.
Information at trial revealed that Guillen picked the woman up from her home for a date on Sunday, December 27th and took her to his apartment 2864 Georgetown.
There Guillen held the woman against her will by force and raped her. Guillen also beat the woman while he held her captive. She sustained two black eyes and bruises to her arms and body. She called police after Guillen took her home on December 30th, 2009. Officers spotted Guillen and arrested him as he was leaving her apartment complex.
A Grand Jury indicted Guillen for the crimes in May 2010. He was found guilty of one count of aggravated rape, and three counts of aggravated kidnapping.
Aggravated rape is a class A felony and carries a sentence range of fifteen (15) to sixty (60) years upon conviction. Aggravated kidnapping is a class B felony and upon conviction carries a sentence range of eight (8) to thirty (30) years per count. Guillen is scheduled for sentencing on February 17, 2012.
Assistant District Attorneys Marques Young and Ann Schiller prosecuted the case before Honorable Judge Lee Coffee.