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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 08:40

Frayser Store Closed as Nuisance Agrees to Security Improvements

MEMPHIS – A Frayser convenience store closed last week as a public nuisance because of ongoing drug trafficking and other criminal activity will be allowed to reopen after taking steps to improve security, Shelby County Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich said Wednesday.
    The owner of the J & R. Food Mart at 1473 Corning St. agreed to install surveillance cameras, improve lighting, hire an armed security guard, paint over graffiti, add fencing around an out-of-use car wash, terminate any employees complicit in criminal activity and pay $300 toward the investigation by the Memphis Police Department Organized Crime Unit.
     The agreement, according to a memorandum of understanding between prosecutors and store representative Senan Alzandani, is not an admission of guilt or liability, but is “an attempt to work together and ultimately resolve this litigation.”
    The remedies outlined in the agreement were the result of joint consultation with Safeways, Inc., a data-driven non-profit partnership agency that specializes in crime prevention and quality of life initiatives.
    Police had been called to the store 69 times in the past year and police memos document numerous instances of drug trafficking, robberies, armed persons, aggravated assaults, vandalism and other criminal activity.  
     The closure last week was based on a nuisance petition filed by Gen. Weirich and City Attorney/Chief Legal Officer Bruce McMullen.
     The store is in a residential area less than a mile from Corning Elementary School and less than a half mile from the Georgian Hills Church of God. There also are three apartment complexes nearby, including Corning Village, Pershing Park and Timber Pines.
     Tuesday’s agreement was announced by Asst. City Prosecutor William Gibbons Jr. and Chief Prosecutor Paul Hagerman of the DA’s Multi-Agency Gang Prosecution Unit in a hearing before Environmental Court Referee John Cameron.