Monday, 27 June 2011 00:00

Memphis Man Convicted on Child Rape Charges

Michael McVay Michael McVay
June 27th, 2011- Late on Friday evening, June 24th, Michael McVay was found guilty of sexual abuse and rape of a minor child in his care.
McVay, (age 51), the child’s step-grandfather, started sexually abusing her in the year 2000, when she came to live with him at age 8, and the sexual abuse continued and escalated until the child was 15 years old.
The child and her mother lived at McVay’s home in Memphis off and on from 2000-2008. During this period, McVay abused the child several times and the instances of abuse often occurred while McVay kept the child in the afternoon, while her mother and grandmother worked.
The jury in Criminal Court Division 4 convicted McVay of rape of a child; rape; aggravated sexual battery; and sexual battery by an authority figure. McVay faces 25-55 years imprisonment for the charges. After serving sentence, McVay will be listed on the state of Tennessee Sex Offender Registry and ordered to Community Supervision for life, as required by state law.
McVay is scheduled for sentencing in Criminal Court Division 4 on July 14th, 2011.
Assistant District Attorneys Carrie Shelton and Brooks Yelverton prosecuted the case.