Monday, 10 February 2020 14:24

Child Abduction Response Team Recognized

Feb. 10, 2020 – The multi-agency Memphis Child Abduction Response Team (CART) was awarded National Certification status Monday, only the 24th team in the nation to receive such recognition, said Shelby County Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich.
The Memphis CART unit was formed in December of 2018 to provide a quick and deliberate investigative response ready to execute when a child is considered endangered, missing or abducted. Almost 300 teams in 45 states, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Canada have established CART units.
The local unit began with Memphis Police Department in collaboration with members of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals Service Memphis Office, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office and forensic interviewers. The unit involves more than 100 members of these agencies.
“The men and women of these already busy, hardworking law enforcement agencies got together and said we want to do more,” Gen. Weirich said at the ceremony at the Memphis Police Academy Auditorium. “We all hope that no parent ever has to utilize this unit, but Shelby County residents are getting the absolute best. They’ve all said we’re going to do more for the children.”
Last August, Memphis CART members completed requirements for National Certification in a two-day review and assessment of its policies and practices that met nationally recognized standards of excellence. The review and assessment included an extensive field exercise to demonstrate operational readiness in all critical components, actions and decision making.
The onsite assessors spent two days reviewing Memphis CART’s required documents, including multi-agency agreements, continued training, and policy and procedure of all agencies involved. A mock child-abduction exercise also was conducted to further evaluate the unit’s readiness and procedures.