Friday, 15 April 2011 00:00

Marlo Davis Convicted for 2006 Robbery-Homicide

April 15, 2011 A Shelby County Jury has convicted Marlo Davis for the fatal shooting and attempted robbery of Quincy Jones.
The incident occurred on November 9th, 2006. Information in the trial found that Quincy Jones, age 39, was outside his home at 1600 Ely when he was approached by Marlo Davis, then age 25, and an accomplice. Davis, armed with a handgun, attempted to rob Mr. Jones. During the robbery, Davis fatally shot Jones. Davis and his accomplice then fled the scene. Davis was developed as the primary suspect and was arrested on November 14th, 2006.
The jury convicted Marlo Davis of second degree murder and reckless homicide. The standard sentence for second degree murder is 15-25 years imprisonment with no parole. The standard sentence for reckless homicide is 4-8 years imprisonment.
Davis is scheduled for sentencing on May 19th, 2011 in Criminal Court Division 9.
Assistant District Attorneys David Zak and Stephanie Johnson prosecuted this case.