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Friday, 28 August 2015 10:14

DA's Truancy Mentoring Program Links with "RePRESENT Everyday" to Increase School Attendance

#RePRESENT Everyday #RePRESENT Everyday RePRESENT Everyday
Memphis, TN - Aug. 27, 2015 - District Attorney General Amy Weirich, Shelby County Mayor Mark Lutrell and Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dorsey Hopson, Principal Rodney Rowan of Cherokee Elementary School and the Memphis Grizzlies Foundation Director Diane Terrell announced September 2015 as Attendance Awareness Month.
The announcement hopes to mobilize the community to participate in "RePRESENT Everyday," a new school attendance incentives campaign.
“The one number that stuck with us was that last year there were 22,000 kids, grades K through 12, who missed ten percent of their school days, so that's 18 days,” DA Weirich said. “That's a lot of kids missing a big chunk of their educational opportunity.”
Poor Attendance in school not only negatively affects students and schools, it also affects the broader community.
The Grizzlies Foundation Executive Director Diane Terrell announced some of the incentives the NBA organization will offer students this year:
  • Students who have 95% attendance or better during the first nine weeks are eligible for four tickets to an upcoming Grizzlies game.
  • The school w/ the highest rate of attendance through the first nine weeks will be invited to participate in our dinner and a game program. That's tickets to a Grizzlies game and dinner for every participating member.
  • Students who have perfect attendance through the first nine weeks will be entered into a drawing to be the official "ball kid" of the Memphis Grizzlies. All those students, in addition to having an on-the-court experience with the team, will also receive an autographed photo of their favorite player.
  • Students who complete the year with perfect attendance will be entered into a drawing to win the privilege to play a game on the Grizzlies' practice court for them and 14 of their friends.
  • Grizzlies’ players will also periodically visit schools, bringing Grizzlies swag for those students who showed up.
    The opening of school is an excellent time to put in place a strong systemof incentives to encourage better attendance among students and theirfamilies, or to make sure existing systems recognize improvedattendance, not just perfect attendance. Incentives and contests helpto build a positive culture and excitement for students aroundimproving attendance.
    "RePRESENT Everyday" is the first attendance awareness campaign of its kind in Shelby County. The campaign is aimed at reducing chronic absenteeism by helping students and families get to school and understand the importance of attendance.
    For information on how you can help click HERE.