Thursday, 17 September 2015 11:20

Man With 4th DUI Conviction Gets 2 Years in Prison

Brandon Cox Brandon Cox SCSO
MEMPHIS – September 17, 2015 -A Mississippi man convicted this summer of driving under the influence for the fourth time has been sentenced to two years in prison with no parole, Shelby County Dist. Atty. Amy Weirich said Thursday.
Brandon Cox, 33, of Greenville, Miss., was convicted of drunken driving by a Criminal Court jury in June, a felony offense because of his prior convictions.
This week Criminal Court Judge Carolyn Wade Blackett fined him $5,000, revoked his license for eight years and sentenced him to two years in prison with no parole.
The judge, however, indicated she may consider releasing him to a rehabilitation program for substance abuse if one is available. By statute, he must first serve 150 days in prison before being released.
Cox earlier had been declared an Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender which subjects a defendant to enhanced punishment in the future for driving a motor vehicle.
He was arrested around 7 p.m. on Feb. 29, 2012, after police found him at the wheel of a Chevrolet Blazer parked near a building in the 6400 block of Holmes Road.
Investigators said he smelled of intoxicants, was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and had empty fifth of vodka in the vehicle. His breath-alcohol level was .123, while a blood draw registered .14.
Cox also was on probation for a prior DUI, one of three priors since February. He also has a pending DUI in Mississippi.
The case was handled by Billy Bond, chief prosecutor for the DA’s DUI Prosecution Task Force, and by Asst. Dist. Atty. Stephanie Johnson, also of the task force.
The DUI task force prosecutes all DUI cases in Criminal Court and, working with local law enforcement, seeks to reduce the number of DUI fatalities and injuries in Memphis and Shelby County.