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Carl Bond Convicted of 2009 Aggravated Robbery

September 2, 2011 - A Shelby County jury in Criminal Court Division Eight found Carl Bond, age 32 of Memphis, guilty of aggravated robbery of a woman in South Memphis in September 2009.
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August 27th, 2011 - A jury in Shelby County Criminal Court Division Seven has convicted Jermaine Owens, age 27, of two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping, two counts of especially aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated rape.
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On Wednesday, August 24th,2011 a Shelby County jury convicted Andre Benson, age 43 of Frayser, for the home invasion robbery and kidnapping of a woman in South Memphis.
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Darquan Swift Found Guilty

July 1st, 2011 - Shelby County Jury in Criminal Court Division 9 returned a verdict of guilty against Darquan Swift.
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April 29, 2011 – Demaricco Chalmers, age 20 from Memphis, was found guilty of first degree murder in the October 2009 shooting death of Tina R. Nelson.
On Sunday, October 11th, 2009, at approximately 8:30 pm, Tina Nelson was stopped at a red light in her car at the intersection of Burnham at North Watkins in Frayser. According to information at trial, Demaricco Chalmers, (age 19 at the time), walked up to Nelson to rob her. Chalmers shot her during the robbery attempt. Chalmers fled the scene along with one juvenile accomplice and both were quickly arrested at 3831 Donna. Nelson died later that night at the Regional Medical Center.
Chalmers was found guilty of first degree murder in perpetration of aggravated robbery. Chalmers is scheduled for sentencing on June 1st, 2011.
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April 29, 2011 – Courtney Caldwell, age 21, plead guilty to second degree murder in the January 2010 death of James Felix, age 46, and a May 2008 aggravated robbery.
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April 15, 2011 A Shelby County Jury has convicted Marlo Davis for the fatal shooting and attempted robbery of Quincy Jones.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011, a Shelby County jury convicted Jurico Readus for the March 19th, 2006 murder and attempted robbery of Luis Reyes, age 45.
The jury found Readus guilty of first degree murder in perpetration of a dangerous felony and two counts of criminal attempt to commit especially aggravated robbery.
Readus was 16 years of age on the date of the incident.
At 10:00 A.M. that Sunday morning, Readus and one accomplice went to the Hilltop House Apartments, 1228 Aubra, looking for someone to rob. They encountered the victim Luis Reyes and one additional male standing outside of a truck in the parking lot. Readus, armed with a handgun, pointed the gun at the two Hispanic victims and demanded they empty their pockets. Readus then told his accomplice to check the victims' pockets. One of the victims began to scuffle with the accomplice and Readus fired several shots, striking Reyes in the head, killing him. Readus continued shooting at the second victim, striking him several times. Readus' accomplice sustained a non-critical gunshot wound to his arm during the gunfire. They both fled the scene on foot. The second victim was transported to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition.
Readus was located and arrested later that day by the Memphis Police Department.
Jurico Readus is scheduled to be sentenced on May 17th, in Criminal Court Division Four.
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March 8, 2011 – Shelby County District Attorney Amy P. Weirich, announced Tuesday that a Memphis man plead guilty to aggravated rape of a 24 year old tourist in October 2009.
A grand jury returned an indictment on defendant Stanley Pearson, 26. Pearson pleaded guilty to aggravated rape on March 3rd, 2011. Pearson agreed to a sentence of 18 years for the crime.
According to the investigation, on October 3, 2009, Pearson encountered the victim, (a female British tourist), downtown near Second and Vance. He pretended to befriend her and offered to help her find the nearest library. Pearson led the victim to an area behind a vacant building near Second and Butler. Pearson then attacked the woman, and forcibly raped and robbed her of money.
Pearson is to serve 100 percent of the eighteen year sentence. The prosecution was handled by Assistant District Attorney Abby Wallace.
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February 18. 2011 – Shelby County District Attorney Amy P. Weirich announced Friday that a Memphis man with a lengthy criminal record faces more than 200 years in prison for robbing several victims inside a nail salon in 2009.
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