Drug Dealer Eviction Program

Telephone: (901)222-1397
Jackie Condrey, Program Coordinator
The Shelby County District Attorney General’s Drug Dealer Eviction Program offers citizens a safe way to help law enforcement identify drug dealers in their neighborhoods. The Drug Dealer Eviction Program coordinates the efforts of Crime Stoppers, the Memphis Police Department, the Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Memphis Area Neighborhood Watch and local realtors and landlords. The program works like this:
    • Concerned citizens & neighbors call the confidential Crime Stoppers hotline (901) 528-2274 to report drug dealing in their community. That's all they need to do. They will never be required to testify in court or serve as witnesses for the prosecution.
    • The police & sheriff's departments screen all anonymous tips & information to identify potential eviction cases.
    • To gather the needed evidence to evict, law enforcement officers place the suspected property under surveillance & obtain search warrants.
    • When sufficient evidence of drug trafficking is gathered & presented to the District Attorney's office, the landlord is notified & requested to evict the drug-dealing tenants.
    • If the landlord fails to start eviction proceedings within five (5) days, the District Attorney's office begins the proceedings. The landlord is then responsible for reimbursing the District Attorney's office for court costs.
    • If sufficient evidence is gathered, criminal charges are also filed against the drug dealer. Whenever tips lead to eviction or criminal conviction, rewards are paid to the caller or informant.
This is a map of all of the evictions using the Drug Dealer eviction program.