Anti-Trespassing Program

Jackie Condrey, Program Coordinator
Telephone: (901)222-1397
No TrespassingThe Shelby County District Attorney General’s Anti-Trespassing Program was created to discourage incidents of loitering and criminal trespass at apartment properties and other multi-family residential communities.
Apartment complexes in Shelby County are encouraged to become an active participant in the District Attorney's Anti-Trespass Program. This is an easy way to help provide their residents and their families a safe community in which to live. The Anti-Trespass Program is designed to give apartment managers additional tools to ensure that the properties and amenities are used by their tenants and invited guests only.
Once the apartment complex management completes enrollment in the program, tenants are notified, signs are posted on the property and local law enforcement are provided authorization of agency. The signs posted throughout the property announce that only tenants or their invited guests are allowed on the property, and no trespassing is allowed. The Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff's Department and the apartment communities' security personnel will be on the lookout for trespassers. Anyone caught on the property of a participating apartment community that cannot verify that they are residents or guests can be charged with criminal trespass.
There is no cost to apartment management for participation in the program. The apartment complex must purchase the signs that are required to be posted throughout their properties. A member of the District Attorney's staff will tour the complex with the property manager to determine the proper placement and number of signs needed and answer any questions or concerns about the program.