Driving Under the Influence Prosecution

Telephone: (901) 222-1387
William Bond, Chief Prosecutor
The DUI Prosecution Unit prosecutes all DUI cases in each of the ten (10) Criminal Courts. Through a united effort with local law enforcement, the unit seeks to reduce the number of DUI related fatalities and injuries in Memphis and Shelby County.
The DUI Prosecution Unit was created in October 2003 with two (2) DUI prosecutors and a Coordinator handling cases in four (4) divisions of Criminal Court. Since then the unit has evolved and now handles all DUI cases in each of the ten (10) Criminal Court divisions, and has four (4) prosecutors. Beginning in 2011 the DUI prosecutors began prosecuting all vehicular homicides cases. Between October 2010 and September 2011, the DUI Unit handled 599 new DUI cases in Criminal Court. During the same time period, the DUI Unit disposed of 619 pending cases with 489 of those defendants pleading guilty as charged.
Assistant District Attorneys assigned to DUI Prosecution Unit conduct training sessions several times a year for the Memphis Police Department and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. The training is designed to keep law enforcement officers updated on new laws and changes to existing laws.