Domestic Violence

Telephone: (901) 222-1485
Theresa McCusker, Chief Prosecutor
The DVU prosecutes cases of domestic assault and homicide, strives to increase victim safety, and ensure offender accountability.
The District Attorney General’s Domestic Violence Unit, (DVU), handles all misdemeanor and felonies where at least one family member is abusing another family member, siblings, cousins, stepparents, grandparent, aunts, and uncles. General Sessions Court Division 10, by law, has exclusive jurisdiction on all domestic violence cases.
Due to the high volume of domestic violence arrests, the DVU limits vertical prosecution to intimate partner abuse. The DVU is a partner in the newly opened Family Safety Center (FSC) providing domestic violence victims and their families a full range of services and assistance, all housed in one location. This multi-disciplinary process is intended to streamline the numerous services and referrals victims of domestic abuse normally have to schedule at different locations.