Victim/Witness Unit

Telephone: (901)222-1561
Amy McCullough, Director
The Victim/Witness Unit (V/W) serves the needs of victims and witnesses on all felonies in General Sessions Court and all cases in Criminal Court. This includes notification of arrest, preliminary hearing, grand jury indictment, pretrial conference, trial, and case disposition. The General Sessions V/W Coordinator sends an initial contact letter to all victims of felony cases to notify them of the arrest of the defendant and to give them a contact person to answer their questions. The General Sessions V/W Coordinator also notifies all victims and witnesses subpoenaed for preliminary hearings prior to the hearing dates.
Once a case is indicted by the grand jury, the Victim/Witness Coordinator in the division or special unit to which the case is assigned sends the victim a notification letter and contacts them regarding any restitution for out of pocket losses due to the crime. The coordinator keeps the victim informed of case status by telephone whenever the victim calls or at the request of the prosecutor.
When a case is scheduled for trial, the Victim/Witness coordinator assigned to the case will contact the victims and witnesses to inform them of the trial date. On the trial date, the Victim/Witness Coordinator works with the trial assistants to make the court appearance of a victim or witness as easy as possible. The Victim/Witness Coordinator also makes travel arrangements for out-or town victims and witnesses when necessary.
We hope that you are pleased with your contact with the Victim/Witness Unit. If you are not, you may request our grievance procedure from Amy McCullough at (901)222-1561.